Python, Cloud, Big Data and Javascript frameworks

I have for nigh on twenty years had an Oracle RDBMS focus, particularly on Oracle performance and the development and tuning of SQL and PL/SQL.

There have been many ebbs and flows on the demand for Oracle work over the years and I haven’t been in an exclusive relationship.

Around the turn of the century, my expertise turned towards Content Management Systems – notably Vignette on top of Oracle. When Vignette turned away from TCL to Java, I started to lose interest and refocused on my Oracle expertise.

Now not only is there a massive cloud-based threat to the status-quo but also start-ups and tech companies are using different technology and I find having a mainly Oracle focus restrictive on a) what’s on my to-do list day-to-day and b) where my future lies.

With the cloud and with the desire for elasticity and a microservices’ architecture, a single monolithic Oracle database doesn’t seem to make much sense. Once you break up into microservices then you start to look more towards sharded data stores and, at best, to write-behind monoliths or consolidated warehouses.

So I want to branch out.

Java has always held limited appeal. It’s always seemed bloated.

Python has an a natural appeal in that it can be very simple to spin up something quickly. It appeals due to the simple nature of scripting languages, familiar from my TCL background. And at the same time, it is easy to implement OO.

Big Data is a natural progression from my data and database  background. I certainly need to do a whole bunch of work understanding Hadoop, Hive, Pig, etc and most importantly Spark. There is an interesting tie-in with Oracle and external tables to provide a hybrid RDBMS-BigData approach.

Learning on Javascript and Javascript frameworks are born out of necessity. I thought I had left that all behind at Sky. But there are some GUI screens at work which need to be built using Angular 2. Furthermore, there are a lot of startups and tech companies booming with JS, Node.js, etc. And the more I learn it, the more I expect to enjoy it.


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